All the Data, All the Time
Higgins are a leading civil construction business in New Zealand and to those in the industry, a household name. So it was important that they get it right at their asphalt delivery centres in both Napier and their brand new plant in Christchurch.

They needed a state of the art solution. Given our long-standing relationship with Higgins, and the fact they already run a number of our hardware solutions throughout their plants in New Zealand, it was a huge nod from them to be tasked with developing two state of the art automatic weighout systems. Working with Asphalt stalwart Fred Yule (Higgins), we developed both the hardware and software to ensure the weighout systems were within budget and to scope. The systems form part of the weighout delivery centres for Higgins Contractors which are used to weigh out asphalt to customers’ trucks from their hot bins.  The software allows the operator to select the customers and products from an approved list, add Purchase Order No, and delivery details if required. It then allocates the delivery a sales order number and allows the operator to dispense the product when the truck is in position. The software notes the requested amount and records the actual amount delivered while not allowing the operator to continue filling once the required weight is reached.  Once despatching is completed, the software prints a delivery docket for the driver. It also can print an end of shift report detailing all deliveries and sales order numbers.

The system found in the new plant in Christchurch was also fitted with a truck safety system. This involves a smart automation interaction with the truck drivers to ensure that the bin doors of the asphalt hot bins can’t open until the truck is in place under the correct hot bin. A large LED display directs the driver to the correct location and an acknowledge button allows for the driver to confirm he is in place.

For even greater peace of mind and because the software is developed by N2P Controls, it is easily customised for each site for their unique requirements. We also have the ability to dial in remotely to diagnose any on site issues to help problem solving when required. Now that’s a state-of-the-art solution that is helping Higgins ensure correct load volumes, safe loading practices and maximising plant productivity.

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