World of Asphalt Wrap Up

We’ve had a big few months here at N2P, with the highlight being a trip in April to the World of Asphalt Show in Nashville. It was a surreal experience getting on an international flight again, and the first time the international asphalt industry has been able to catch up in person since 2019

World of Asphalt is the leading trade show and conference focused on the asphalt and paving industries. It runs over three days with industry professionals, from field technicians to business owners, taking the opportunity to compare equipment and services from 400 exhibitors. 

Comparing the US and Australasian Markets

With N2P considering opening to a wider international market, it was really helpful to have the chance to do a bit of a recce and meet with exhibitors and visitors at the show and get a better understanding of the market needs. 

It was good to learn that here in New Zealand, we’re offering the same level of high-quality solutions available anywhere else in the world. Although the scale is much larger, the US market appears to be not too dissimilar to that of Australasia. 

The ace up our sleeve

Not only are we right up there in terms of the technology we offer, we’re actually ahead of the game with CATIE® – there’s nothing like this available in the American market at the moment. 

CATIE® stands for Cloud Access Total Information Exchange. This smart software stores hundreds of thousands of data points gathered by a plant’s sensors and continuously uploads them to the cloud. Specifically, CATIE® records all analogue values, system events, and alarms, making them immediately visible to anyone who has access.

One of the key takeaways and insights from the conference came from the sheer number of people talking about how important real-time data is in managing plant performance. So we feel pretty excited about entering the US market with a solution like CATIE® that allows operators to make process changes and use real-time data to see how effective, or not, those changes were.

News from Astec

Another highlight from the show worth sharing is Astec’s acquisition of MINDS Automation Group Inc, which has a proprietary control system that will likely be integrated into their plant operations. 

There are lots of questions around how this will affect older Astec control systems, and the answers are not clear at this stage. 

If you’re worried about your control systems no longer being supported, get in touch with us and we can sort out an upgrade that gives you the peace of mind in knowing you’re fully supported by an Australasian-based team 24/7.

Look out world!

Niki and Cam from RAMS

Niki and Cam, from Redcliff Asphalt Manufacturing Services (RAMS), admiring the asphalt road behind the camera, and the Ram over their shoulder

With around 9000 attendees to the show, it was a great place for us to have a profile. With our vast industry knowledge, our ability to do remote commissioning or to send a team member internationally, we’re well positioned to deliver on projects around the world. Add in unique tools such as CATIE® and it all adds up to exciting opportunities for N2P. 

The world is our oyster!