All the Data, All the Time
Our MD Niki Johnstone was recently in Johor Bahru, near the border with Singapore, to check in on an installation of one of our newest modules, the MC404 into a plant built by One Stop sister company PPP.

PPP’s brand new Asphalt Plant has been fitted out with the new generation MC404. Niki was invited to review the installation and celebrate the commissioning and breaking in of the new facility. Niki joined the new owners as they produced their first batch of some glorious asphalt. The installation and commissioning of the plant’s controls went off without a hitch. Kent, Tham and the rest of the team at One Stop/PPP were so impressed by the new generation modules, they are now preparing to install the TC404 (tank control) and AC404 (asphalt control) at different sites.

The feedback from the team in Malaysia was fantastic to hear. They loved the ease of setup of the MC404, how compact it is, the feature-rich software, and are really looking forward to it being hooked up to the cloud to allow for remote monitoring.

Our new generation asphalt controls are fully integrated; with up to 5 different modules, to help improve the sustainability of operation by reducing waste and energy consumption; which all leads to a more profitable plant.

Once the initial run of the plant had been successfully completed, Niki was dragged kicking and screaming to the customs area near the border, where all things are significantly cheaper, including beer.

Niki describes being forced against his strong will to consume the freely flowing nectar, under the threat of a compulsory visit to Legoland (see featured image) for non-compliance.

The team at One Stop and N2P Controls are truly awed by his sacrifice and reassured by his unwavering commitment to the company and leadership example.

We look forward to continuing the great and exclusive relationship we have with our friends in Malaysia. If you would like to learn more about our Asphalt Controls and how they can increase the profitability of your plant, please get in touch today. Free flowing nectar is optional.