All the Data, All the Time
Imagine if that was all possible via a button on your phone. This would catch out ‘forgetful’ home-owners that claim their alarm hasn’t been going off for the last week causing damage to their pump.

It would also make servicing much faster and easier – no more writing out service sheets that get lost or are difficult to read because they’re covered in dirt. No more having to fiddle with small timers or dipswitches to change critical pump or blower settings; in this perfect world, it would all be done from your phone. Simple and saving a lot of wasted $$! Just imagine.

For one of our clients, this utopian vision is about to become a reality. We supply a number of leading wastewater treatment companies with the controllers for their plants, and we know this client will have industry leading technology to offer their customers. They’ll be increasing their servicemen’s productivity and saving the wastewater companies a lot of money in efficiencies and false warranty claims. Do you want to offer this?

I wonder what we could do for you.