Water / Wastewater Plant Controls

When it comes to water or wastewater treatment plants, N2P Controls can provide your controls solution, no matter what size.

OEM Solutions

From simple to the complex, if you have a standard product that needs some inbuilt smarts, an OEM solution maybe the answer. It may be very basic or advance; from turning on an indication light, to controlling multiple pumps/valves/blowers and sending text messages. If it is a standardised product we could save you a lot of cost by building you a customised OEM solution complete with your own branding.

We have many customers utilising our capabilities to drive down the cost of their product while increasing the features. With our inhouse engineering team, you can be guaranteed a solution that meets your design specification.

Project Solutions

For mid to large scale projects, where customisation is critical, N2P Controls can offer a package solution that will drive down your cost. We have an inhouse manufacturing team that will partner with our engineers to provide a package controls solution, fully bench tested with a commissioning sheet.

We work with a range of PLC suppliers and due to our bulk purchasing ability we ensure our clients get a cost effective solution. We supply the PLC/HMI, communication modules, and full electrical switchgear, all mounted within a MCC.

As part of the handover we supply full electrical drawings, installation guide, and operations manual.  We deliver the total package.

Software Solutions

Sometimes you need even more from our control solution. This may involve remote monitoring/control, or automatic emails/texts on event notifications, or integration with other proprietary software. With our inhouse software engineering team, this is possible.

Our software engineers have experience with windows scripting, database warehousing for alarm and plant monitoring, remote access/control, text alert, remote monitoring, and many other functions. We are here to make not only the build easy, but the ongoing maintenance