Wastewater Controls And Automation Systems

Better wastewater control is all about saving

It can be a messy business but ensuring waste and water plants operate at optimum efficiency is something N2P is passionate about.

Don’t just “go with the flow” — control it

We are serious about helping clients use resources wisely. This means, whether you have a simple or complex system, we offer options that give you greater control of your plant, to deliver better functioning and improved efficiency that benefits both you and the planet.
Many customers use our capabilities to drive down the cost of their product while increasing the features. With our in-house engineering team, you can be guaranteed a solution that meets your design specification.
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Project Solutions

We do more to make it work

No two jobs are the same, and we realise that for many mid to large-scale projects customisation is critical.

N2P Controls can offer a package wastewater controls solution that will drive down your cost. Our in-house manufacturing team partners with our engineers to produce a tailored package controls solution, fully bench-tested with a commissioning report.

We work with a range of PLC suppliers and, with our bulk purchasing ability, we deliver cost-effective solutions.

We supply the PLC/HMI, communication modules, and full electrical switchgear, all mounted within an MCC. And, as part of the handover, we supply full electrical drawings, an installation guide, and an operations manual.

We deliver the total package. 


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Software solutions

Our technology works smarter, not harder

Control is everything in this game. And having better management of your control solution can be a game changer.

Would remote monitoring and control help your wastewater systems work better? Would automatic emails and texts about process warnings or alarms reduce stress levels? Or do you simply need integration with other proprietary software? Our in-house software engineering team can implement all this and more.

Our software engineers are experienced with:

Windows scripting

Database warehousing for alarm and plant monitoring

Remote access/control

Text alerts

Remote monitoring

We not only make the build and upgrade of wastewater controls systems easy but can help manage the ongoing maintenance so you can trust your wastewater plant to keep delivering.

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