All the Data, All the Time
During his recent Oscars win, Leo DiCaprio admitted, climate change is the single biggest issue we face as a species. A pretty big call for an actor…nonetheless, N2P Controls are all about creating efficiencies and utilising technology to make sure businesses are making more from less.

So we were very excited when recently one of New Zealand’s leading wastewater companies approached us to help Auckland’s newest golf course ensure maximum efficiency in their water management.

Apex Environmental(http://www.apexenvironmental.co.nz/) offer solutions in domestic and industrial wastewater management. Peninsula Golf Club (PGC) are currently building a brand-new 18 hole course at Wainui and have contracted Apex Environmental to assist with the project. Apex, in turn, enlisted us to supply the electrical and automation solution to control the treatment of wastewater through the plant and its reuse. The solution takes the course’s wastewater and treats it to a very high standard before applying it throughout the course as irrigation water. The operation involves the use of flat sheet membranes in a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) to treat their wastewater to a very high standard.

Using a Unitronics PLC coupled with a Beijer HMI screen, we have developed a solution to control the wastewater treatment plant. The system is designed to allow remote access via a 3G modem which we have developed specifically for this application. This allows access to the plant to monitor and control from anywhere in the world – saving PGC both time and money. N2P Controls was able to offer a complete package solution, including MCC, PLC, HMI and electrical installation at a competitive price.

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