All the Data, All the Time
The barman explained that it was the price to mark the centenary of the pub opening. Despite the insane price, however, the bar was empty. “Are the regular customers not enjoying the special prices?” Niki asked. To which the barman replied “They’re waiting for the Happy Hour”.

With that in mind, you could imagine Niki’s surprise when in Wellington he met with Scottish Plant Manager Tony at the Downer Asphalt Plant; who actually agreed to invest in the new LC404 loadout software for the Plant!

Tony agreed that the main driver for the decision to upgrade was to replace the old loadout hardware and software no longer supported and to make the team’s day much simpler with our user-friendly control product. The LC404 makes the busy Downer plant operations a breeze, managing many loadouts per day. The Downer Wellington site is also rather unique given it sits on the side of a hill. This makes for logistical and management challenges that keep Yvonne very busy. The site necessitates dual access to the software to enable Yvonne to load the delivery details, and for the operator to retrieve this information and dispatch delivery. Our software solution is adaptable enough to handle this unique set up with ease.

With the customisation that is possible with the LC404, Downer is now being automatically sent loadout information, removing the need for handwriting information, double-handling loadout data and significantly reducing the chances of errors at loadout. The result is a much happier team, a more efficient day-to-day operation and a much more profitable plant.

If you would like to learn more about how our highly customisable LC404 Software could upgrade your operation, please get in touch and one of our team will show you just how simple and cost-effective the upgrade is.