All the Data, All the Time
The team in Pump Controls have been working away at our Universal Pump Controller (UPC) which boasts some very impressive features already.

The latest firmware update now allows for a programmable Run Window where you can configure the pump to run only during set times, unless a high-level alarm fault occurs. This is perfect for areas when the reticulated sewer system is full during peak periods. The controller will wait until the low flow period and then power the pump(s) to empty the pump station; automatically optimising the installed reticulated line’s capacity.

As mentioned, the UPC already boasts some very impressive features which include:

  • duty/standby/assist pump control,
  • up to 4 float inputs,
  • 3 phase pump control,
  • telemetry connection for remote access/notifications,
  • float fault indication,
  • start delays,
  • max run time alarming,
  • asymmetric timed pump operation that is perfect for dosing,
  • a manual run time limit,
  • low voltage protection,
  • high current alarms,
  • flow meter input,
  • alarm history,
  • pump starts,
  • and the list goes on.

The UPC can now also come in a stainless steel enclosure, perfect for locations that are prone to vandalism or where the enclosure needs extra protection from the environment.

With all these features, and the addition of the latest firmware, the controller price has not moved and is still incredible value when looking at similar products. So regardless of whatever your requirements are, from basic dose pumping through to complex pump station set ups, the UPC is the one controller that can handle anything. Why not speak to one of our Pump Controls Team about your plant’s requirements and how our UPC can make it a breeze.