The Trifecta That Was a Good Pay Out For All!

All the Data, All the Time
From the tropics of Penang to the cooler temps of Hamilton in June, we covered all seasons and temperatures with some Engineers being luckier than others. We are incredibly proud that our highly skilled Teams were able to seamlessly deploy and successfully complete all three Upgrades.

Each upgrade involved the thorough installation of our modular 404 Family of Asphalt Controls. The range includes the MC404, Guaranteeing Perfect Mix; the AC404, Controlling and Monitoring Your Plant; the LC404, The Load-out Software with so much more and the TC404, Safely Managing your Tank Operation.

Our 404 Family ensures each plant is running the most advanced hardware and software available in the market. Capturing a vast range of Operational Data, the 404 Family can help Managers and Operators make data-driven productivity decisions to drive greater profitability. This data is backed up to our custom Cloud Storage Solution (CATIE) allowing remote access.

Best of all, since the 404 Family is completely modular and designed for seamless connectivity and integration, the upgrade for each facility was able to be undertaken during planned downtime ensuring the plants are back producing profits for their owners as fast as possible.