All the Data, All the Time
Our heritage is in pump controls and we have a solution for every possible requirement; starting with very basic controls right through to our industry leading Ultimate Pump Control (UPC).

We are always seeking to improve our products though, and in terms of Pump Controls, our controllers will soon come with Alarm Units as standard. This can be used in any application that has a fault condition, not just pumping. For example:

  • High level alarm
  • Low level alarm
  • High pressure alarm
  • Low pressure alarm
  • UV fault
  • Fan fault
  • Low temperature
  • High temperature
  • Etc

Essentially any condition that could bring up an alarm state can be monitored by our Controls. Alarms not only activate a buzzer and lights to notify that an alarm state has been met, with our SMS Telemetry system, the controls will also send you text notifications – so even if you’re off-site, you’ll be notified and be able to take action. Impressed?

Our UPC packs 4 controls into one smart, cost effective unit. This unit has been so incredibly well received in the market, we can’t seem to make them fast enough! The features include:

  • Timed pumping,
  • Dual pump control,
  • Duty/standby pump control,
  • Low level protection,
  • High current protection,
  • Low voltage protection,
  • Max run time alarming,
  • Manual run times,
  • And much more.

With an LCD screen and keypad to navigate through the different features it’s a simple unit to configure and use. As you can see, it packs a mighty punch.

So yeah, we reckon we’ve got what it takes to back up our standing in the market as the leader in Pump Controls. We can customise a solution to meet your specific requirements easily and without breaking the bank. Talk to us about how our Pump Controls can improve your facility today.