All the Data, All the Time
We’ve had the designers work up the User Interface (UI) to ensure a familiar and intuitive experience meanwhile adding all the new technology.

What this means is that people who are familiar with the BC404 will see a very similar looking and functioning interface with the MC404, yet should easily be able to understand and use all the powerful new features. So all you old dogs out there won’t have to learn too many new tricks!

The code monkeys have now got their faces firmly stuck to their computer screens and are churning out the code to finish off the last of the new features.


Without trying to get overly technical, the new unit consists of 3 distinct and integrated parts – the MC404-P (which is essentially the UI), the DIN mounted master unit that will communicate with the MC404-P (which we have cleverly called the MC404-M) and the DIN mounted unit that will communicate with the field (MC404-S). Each material will be allocated its own MC404-S. Each MC404-M will be able to communicate with up to 16 MC404-S. You can also run several MC404-Ms on the network which means an almost limitless number of materials can be added!


The MC404-P will connect via ethernet to the MC404-M. This allows fast and reliable communication with multiple masters, and any other Ethernet based hardware products. The scope to add future functionality and integrations with other software/devices is incredible. This alone should mean the MC404 will be a long-lasting piece of kit that will be able to seamlessly handle future updates and changes with ease. The communications are handled via Modbus; which is a universal standard enabling communication with all our other software – for example, bitumen tank controls, plant controls, weighout, etc.


As previously mentioned, the MC404 will boast a very similar interface to the existing BC404 (see images) and this will make it simple for experienced users to adapt to the new technology quickly and intuitively. The MC404 supports remote access and back-up of databases. This means no more cursing a broken PC or trying to get production figures to bosses; it’ll all be available in real time and remotely!

With all the excitement around this massive upgrade, we’ve had a lot of requests from the North of Australia to the South of NZ. If you think you might need this in the short to medium term, I suggest getting on the blower to us quickly. The queue for site visits is growing rapidly and we’re working to a first in first served basis.