All the Data, All the Time
Tank Empty? Pump Fault? Silo nearly empty? Why not let them tell you? Yep, machines that talk to you – it’s like A Space Odyssey 2000 (well, not quite)!

The future of automation is two-way communication between your plant/machinery and you/your staff. A major step in this direction is Telemetry. N2P Controls are pioneering this remarkable and highly profitable advancement in technology. Imagine the impact of being notified of key operational events as they occur, being able to enable machinery remotely and capturing all the necessary data – all from your mobile phone! You could be anywhere on or off-site and still be in complete control of what’s happening in your business.

Some of the possibilities of Telemetrics include:
Text messaging alarms to your phone – for example: tank empty, pump fault, grain silo nearly empty.
Two way communication with texting to reset faults, set alarm parameters (temperature, or volume etc)
Data logging via the cloud Machine to Machine communication – for example: the tank texts the pump to start and stop. You only get a text if there is a fault. Yes, care free farming!
Save time and money by remote monitoring.

N2P Controls can design and build these solutions for your farm or factory. Custom one-off solutions are our specialty. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the cost-savings and improvements to your bottom line this technology has. Once you have implemented Telemetrics into your business, you will honestly wonder how you ever functioned without it. Call us today and let’s discuss how this (and our other solutions) can improve your business efficiency and most importantly, make you money.