As specialists in plant controls and automation technologies, N2P Controls has developed a solid reputation for building small package pump station controllers. But did you know that we also design large scale, municipal pump station switchboards that integrate with our control systems?

A large pump station controller has two main parts: electrical switchgear and smart controls (e.g. RTUs/PLC/HMI). In addition to commissioning, we can now offer a full package solution by doing the design and build of both.

Unlike most other control/integrator providers, we also custom-design and build municipal sized switchboards and take care of the data integration and software connections. That’s something that no other pump control company can offer.

Our package solution – from switchboard design and build to control design and commissioning – saves you time and money and improves productivity with just one point of contact for contractors. One company to manage it all!

And because you’ve got one point of contact managing the entire project end-to-end, it’s easy to troubleshoot and solve any issues that may arise further down the track.

We’ve proven our skill in designing and building the controls of the many thousands of pump controllers we’ve supplied to date. And with our advanced skills, we can design pump controls and electrical switchgear fit for purpose; be it protecting 1kW pumps, 40kW pumps or higher.

Making it Work for Watercare

N2P recently worked with Watercare on a newly built sewer network in Clevedon.

“N2P have a really good rapport with our computer systems engineers and worked closely with them to improve the design visuals, which are now a lot clearer,” says Watercare Wastewater Operations Engineer, Woo Kwon. “They got heavily involved with the software updates for the Clevedon Vacuum Pump Station as well, which involved a lot of commissioning and pre-testing.”

Read more about how our depth of knowledge and comprehensive solution package helped ensure the smooth operation of this enormous project.