All the Data, All the Time
We’ve been working in this field for more than two decades and have worked very hard to make sure our brand is associated with industry leading products and service.

It would be fair to say that for a small company in a big market, we’re very good at setting the standard. One of our first products, the BC404 is an industry stalwart responsible for the day-to-day operation of Asphalt Plants in more than five countries in the region. Some of the biggest suppliers of Asphalt in the region rely on our smarts to make sure they’re getting the job done.

What we’ve noticed over the years, is that the knowledge and training of Asphalt Plant operation has been passed down from operator to operator with great passion and wisdom. We see a lot of new faces in the industry, which we are truly privileged to work amongst. While talking to some of these new faces and observing some of the practices in Plant Operation, we’ve noticed that the training and operational practices in some cases have become a little outdated; as software, hardware and the industry has progressed. We’ve also noticed that key parts of software and mechanical knowledge is simply missed or misinterpreted. More importantly, some of the key safety and production readings are not known and consequently, the performance of the plant is affected.

To help our highly valued customers, at the plants that currently run our BC404 or newer MC404 products, we have recently refreshed and re-issued our training manuals and put together an on-site training program to help bridge some of the gaps and make sure you are getting the most from your Asphalt Plant. The On-site training typically takes about six hours, and covers the key feeder controls from a mechanical and software perspective. We also cover the generic plant safety/controls that should be included in the plant’s operation.

The feedback from participants has been very positive with many operators finding some actionable outcomes from this popular course.

If you are running our asphalt controls’ products in your asphalt plant, and it’s been awhile since the original commissioning, it could be very beneficial to book a time for us to come and take your team through this refresher course. Please contact us to discuss what is involved and make a time to update your team.