All the Data, All the Time
More recently famous for its Zoo that specialises in endangered species, Mogo is also home to one of Downer’s older Asphalt Plants.

The man in charge down there is Ryan Burgin. Ryan recently reached out to N2P Controls after hearing great things about our new MC404 Bitumen Controls. The MC404 is the 2nd generation of our hardware/software solution that controls the mixing of aggregates, bitumen and additives to help make the perfect mix. Replacing our original BC404, the MC404 is designed to ensure your Plant makes a perfect mix every time and has impressive reporting features that allow you to drive greater efficiency from your plant.

It turns out Downer Mogo were already running our trustworthy BC404 and decided on investing in the upgrade to the MC404. Within a few months of Ryan reaching out, Downer Mogo have commissioned a new MC404 for their plant. Some of the features that drew Ryan and Downer Mogo’s attention to the MC404 include:

  • As part of our overall Plant Operations Suite, the MC404 is built on a scalable modern platform that will seamlessly integrate with our other software (e.g. AC404, LC404 & TC404,).
  • We now offer to our customers the option to lease this product to eliminate CAPEX requirements.
  • The MC404 has a more functional User Interface for ease of display and operation.
  • It boasts a more intuitive user experience and fast access to station setups, material setups, mix designs and more.
  • The interface offers clear indication of ‘out of limits’ or other alarms, with key operational information, including alarms, recorded to a database for reporting.
  • It allows for remote access for interfacing with our cloud storage solution to ensure all key operational and production information is safely recorded off site and 100% backed up every hour. (Please note:our planned release date for the cloud based server is end of 2018).

This final feature is something Ryan is particularly keen to see deployed. The remote access functionality means Ryan and his team can access production information for the Mogo Operation from Canberra – saving an enormous amount of time and manpower and significantly improving plant profitability. Ryan and his team at Downer Mogo are very satisfied with their decision to upgrade the plant to our MC404 and we are looking forward to a long and very successful relationship. If you would like to know more about the MC404, please contact us so we can walk you through how this state-of-the-art solution can increase the efficiency, quality and profitability of your plant.