All the Data, All the Time
FloVac have been pioneers in vacuum sewer technology for many years. They are a worldwide operation with installations spanning from New Zealand and Europe, to the Middle East.

Vacuum sewer technology involves sucking sewer from vacuum pits, back to a central vacuum pump station (VPS). It is ideal in flat terrain where gravity pipes need to be installed deep into ground.

Pits are installed in council owned areas, eliminating the need to have home owners involved in their maintenance and monitoring. In fact, one pit can service up to four different properties.

As the water level rises in the pits, a valve opens it to the vacuum mains and everything in the pit (such as balls, nappies, wet wipes etc) are sucked into the vacuum mains and sent down the pipe to the VPS.

The valves in the pits effectively pass very large objects, and the vacuum mains ensure a good velocity fluid in the pipes. This then provides a well aerated sewer which stops the waste becoming septic.

N2P Controls was chosen by FloVac because of our proven history in wastewater controls and the ability to offer a package solution including designing, building and commissioning the control cabinet. This includes not just the PLC but all of the switchgear as well as N2P Controls’ knowledge and understanding of Watercare’s standard, which has been a bonus for FloVac.

With the first plant due to be installed later in 2019, we look forward to working with FloVac on more projects.