All the Data, All the Time
Hynds not long ago had their commercial wastewater plant successfully complete the OSET trial at Rotorua and used this technology at the West Wind site to ensure the stringent treatment levels were reached. But there was one area where Hynds looked to N2P Controls to help solve a geographical problem.

Due to the remote nature of this plant, ongoing management of the plant needed to be able to be done off-site. The cost of physically attending the plant would be unnecessarily high. Therefore, they needed the ability to have off-site notification of alarms and to be able to communicate with the plant to determine if there were any faults. Not only could we supply a very cost competitive controller for their wastewater treatment plant, but also offer our own cost effective telemetry module. This telemetry module sends messages to up to 3 different numbers to notify key staff of any faults. You can also text the telemetry unit to get its status. Problem solved.

Our telemetry module has two digital inputs, two digital outputs and a serial communication portal. The module allows for automated SMS notifications for any application that can give a digital input such as pump failures, temperature warnings and the like.

The SMS function is compatible across all New Zealand and Australian networks. For more information about our telemetry module, click here.

It’s the smarts that N2P Controls can offer at competitive prices that helps our customers increase productivity.