All the Data, All the Time
It came down the phone line into N2P HQ recently when a customer in French Polynesia (Interoute) reached out to us about an Asphalt Plant that wasn’t running as efficiently as they wanted.

The supplier of the plant, unfortunately, tried to fix the problem but had not delivered a satisfactory outcome. Interoute’s technical advisor Stèphane had met Niki Johnstone on a trip to Auckland just over a year ago and was impressed by N2P’s superior offering through their Asphalt product range. So, they reached out to see if we could assist.

Peter Taylor, N2P’s Senior Engineer, was on a plane that weekend and in the plant the following week. Sadly, the trip failed to meet his illustrious imaginings of cocktails on the beach in French Polynesia, since the plant was deep in the jungle on an outer island! Despite that, Peter worked through their issues quickly and came up with several solutions that would help the plant run a lot more efficiently and with greater control.

N2P provided Interoute with a proposal to replace their control system with N2P Controls’ state of the art control system including the MC404 and the AC404. Interoute was quick to accept and the parts were assembled and have been shipped to site.

As part of our normal procedure for this type of project, we also supplied a comprehensive Scope of Works for the site electrician to install the new control system. Peter will also be on site this month commissioning to ensure everything is running smoothly before Interoute’s next big project starts in March.

Word is spreading fast about N2P Controls’ state of the art asphalt control system that is leading the way in the asphalt industry. It is proving popular with plant managers that would like greater integration, Sustainability and Profitability from their plant. Why not get in touch with us to take a look through our Asphalt Plant products and see how we can boost profitability for your plant?