Empower Your Quarry Operations With QC404
The QC404 puts you in command. At the push of a button, gain comprehensive insights into your plant's operations. Achieve and maintain quality through continuous monitoring and precise recording of vital process parameters. Whether you're dealing with fluctuating production rates or adapting to different aggregate sizes, the QC404 can seamlessly adjusts crusher settings, or water pressures, to ensure your high quality of material is maintained.
Real-Time Monitoring and Digital Transformation
Say goodbye to unplanned outages and out-of-spec products that eat into your profits. Our inbuilt Event and Alarm database ensures prompt detection and correction of process irregularities. Even if your quarry equipment was built before the digital age, the QC404 bridges the gap. It integrates with your existing equipment, including belt weighers, conveyors, crushers, and screens, providing you with real-time feedback.
Complete Oversight on Production
The QC404 is specifically designed to not just streamline your processes, but significantly improve decision-making and enhance safety across all levels of operation.
By leveraging data directly from your plant’s activities, the system enables the automation of reports, ensuring you receive accurate and up-to-date information on production, plant availability, and essential maintenance planning.
This level of insight gives plant managers the confidence needed to make well-informed decisions regarding their plant operations.


State-of-the-art PLC hardware

Seamlessly integrates with your existing plant hardware and N2P’s cloud software service.

Yield Balances
The QC404 can calculate yield balances based on the recorded data.
Maintenance Tracking
Enter dates for key maintenance tasks, and the QC404 will alert you when maintenance is due, such as wear on the cone crusher, notifying you when planned maintenance should take place.
Material Blending
The QC404 allows for the blending of material to meet specific requirements.
Graphing capabilities
Export data for visual representation of process parameter values to highlight changes and performance (via CATIE®)
Sensor Integration
Interfaces seamlessly with most quarry field-based sensors and transmitters.
Inbuilt Event and Alarm Database
Promptly highlights process irregularities to the Operator for quicker diagnosis, correction, and improved plant utilisation rates.

CATIE® (Cloud Access Total Information Exchange)

All your plant information is relayed to CATIE® and presented in an easy-to-understand display, enabling managers to make informed, data-driven decisions. With CATIE®, you're not just maintaining efficiencies—you're enhancing them.
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