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We help make your pump station more efficient, reliable, and less costly to run.

We have pump controller options for almost every system

We do big.

We do small.

We do municipal.

We deliver what your job needs
—a top-quality product at a great price.

We don’t stop there!

We can brand controllers with your logo so you can offer a full OEM pump solution.

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We Specialise in Integration

We know it can be hard to find the perfect controller to fit your particular needs, so we have developed a range of solutions that work for most standard pumping applications. And for those customised projects, we can build a spec controller to suit.

Our pumping applications are market-driven. Whether it’s for stormwater, wastewater, or chemical dosing, we have the pump solution for you. Our project-based pump controllers have been retrofitted all over New Zealand and Australia. We know our solutions interface with differing telemetry units with ease. We also have the in-house capability to design and build tailored solutions to ensure you get what you need.

We have options to meet any level of functionality, from complicated to the most basic set up. We deliver what your job needs: a top-quality product at a great price. For the OEM pump station suppliers, we can brand controllers with your logo to give your product a professional finish.

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We can make your pump station more efficient

No two projects are the same. Be it a small 5kW 400V dual-pump application through to a 95kW 400V multiple-pump installation with a standalone switchboard, we have the experience to nail a solution.

Councils all over New Zealand use our project-based pump controllers and we have a proven track record in interfacing with differing telemetry units.
We offer market leading VSDs and SS’s to assist in the control of your pumps.
Our in-house engineers can design control systems based on current municipal standards, write code, and design the switchboard.
Our manufacturing team can then build the switchboard.

This all comes with customised electrical drawings, functional descriptions, and SAT. We offer the complete package solution. We are also here for you – from Bluff to Kaitaia. We offer one point of accountability and one point of communication, so the job gets done efficiently with minimum hassle.
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Our technology works smarter, not harder

Control is everything in this game. And having better management of your control solution can be a game changer.

Would remote monitoring and control help your wastewater systems work better? Would automatic emails and texts about process warnings or alarms reduce stress levels? Or do you simply need integration with other proprietary software? Our in-house software engineering team can implement all this and more.

Our software engineers are experienced with:

Windows scripting

Database warehousing for alarm and plant monitoring

Remote access/control

Text alerts

Remote monitoring

We not only make the build and upgrade of systems easy but can help manage the ongoing maintenance so you can trust your pump station will keep delivering.

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