A range of scalable pump controls, popular with OEM pump station suppliers and pumping contractors. Our capability has grown to now be able to supply municipal quality pump controls for high end, critical application, projects.


We offer branded OEM solutions, with either our customer’s branding or our own. The OEM solutions range from the very basic to advanced. All for very good value.

Our project-based pump controllers have been used by councils over all New Zealand, and we can interface with their differing telemetry units with ease. We have the inhouse capability to offer a fully package solution to ensure a cost effective solution.

OEM Solutions

From single phase to three phase motors; from single pump to multiple pump applications; from analogue level sensors to floats switches; from simple alarm activation to duty/assist/standby with customised run windows. No matter the application, we have the solution for you.

We have developed a range of pumping applications, that have been market driven. Be it pumping stormwater, or wastewater, or chemical dosing, we will have a pump solution for your application. If you have a specialised application, we can cost effectively build an OEM solution for you, complete with your own branding.

Due to the demand, we stock a range of our OEM pump controllers so supplying you should not be a problem. For any pump control application, give us a call or email and we’ll be able to help you out.

Project Solutions

Be it a small 5kW 400V dual pump application, through to a 95kW 400V multiple pump installation with a standalone switchboard, we can supply a package solution. With the support of our wonderful suppliers, we can offer market leading VSDs, SSs, to assist in the control of your pumps. Our inhouse engineers will design the control system based on current municipal standards, write the code, and design the switchboard. Our manufacturing team would then build the switchboard. This with customised electrical drawings, functional descriptions, and SAT, we offer the complete package solution.

The reduced contract interfaces, the one point of accountability, and one point of communication, ensures we can drive efficiencies in the project for our clients. From Bluff to Kaitaia we can offer a solution to meet your needs.

Software Solutions

Sometimes you need even more from our control solution. This may involve remote monitoring/control, or automatic emails/texts on event notifications, or integration with other proprietary software. With our inhouse software engineering team, this is possible.

Our software engineers have experience with windows scripting, database warehousing for alarm and plant monitoring, remote access/control, text alert, remote monitoring, and many other functions. We are here to make not only the build easy, but the ongoing maintenance