All the Data, All the Time
We offer a wide range of pump controllers from the simple high/low level alarm unit, to municipal quality, high current, cabinets required by local councils/water authorities, and everything in between.

We have several ‘out-of-the-box’ products for more typical solutions and can build custom pump control solutions specific to your station’s individual needs. In fact, we’ve been able to deliver solutions to some of our customers who found themselves in very tricky situations. We have a can-do approach, anything is possible.

All of our controllers, even the simplest, have the ability to connect to remote monitoring, giving operators the ability to monitor their pump chamber remotely. Another benefit to the remote features of our pumps is they save you time, effort and money, as when you can see events in your network as they happen, you can make decisions at that exact time, and often without having to return to site.

Depending on the application, specifications and pumps being used, these controllers have a range of pump protection systems built into them ranging from current monitoring, to phase loss protection, surge protection, lightning protection and more. Our controls will do more for your station and deliver improved operations and profitability to your station.

We can even brand the pump controllers with your company’s logo, to give your organisations’ equipment a professional look.

If you need a branded OEM solution, or a high-end municipal pump controller, or maybe even something in between, let’s discuss the solution we have for you.