Product Spotlight: The TC404 Control Module

Hold onto your hard hats! If you think bitumen tank management is just about dials and valves, the TC404 control module is here to shake up your world.

Your Bitumen Tank’s New Best Friend

This marvel of engineering is tailored to meet your specific needs, offering unparalleled monitoring capabilities that enhance both energy efficiency and safety.

What Sets the TC404 Apart?

Key features include:

  • Integration with bitumen tanker discharge control panels
  • Bitumen discharge to process plants and/or blending
  • Adherence to best practices in bitumen storage and pumping
  • Remote monitoring of bitumen tanks’ operating parameters and events/alarms via integration with our cloud-based server CATIE®
  • Bitumen-specific alarms to prevent cross-contamination between different bitumen grades

With the TC404, you can make process changes and see immediate results within a single shift, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

The TC404 tank control system gives you a complete visualisation of the status of your tanks. Immediately, you can see clearly what levels are in each tank, which tank is which, what temperature the tanks are, where bitumen is flowing, and, most importantly, whether there are any alarms or warning messages on each tank.

Energy Monitoring Made Easy

With a growing interest in energy efficiency, the TC404 integrates seamlessly with our Energy Monitoring unit. This allows for minute-by-minute energy use tracking, displayed on a remote server for easy access by plant managers. You’ll have all the information you need to quantify process improvements and report on energy use and savings.

A Word from Those Who Know

Chris Tilyard of Asphaltech, who has more than two decades of experience with N2P Controls, shares his thoughts:

“We chose N2P to manage the new bitumen tanks because we knew we could rely on Pete and the team for help if we needed it; they are always available. I’ve used them for over 20 years with Asphaltech plants. They’ve got a good product and provide good service. They’re reliable, competitive with their prices, and they make a good product. There’s never a problem with them sorting things out for me.”

With the TC404 control module, you’re not just investing in technology; you’re investing in a partnership that stands the test of time. 

If you have bitumen tanks that need better control, then contact us for help.