Parkburn Quarry Takes Control with QC404

With 45 quarries across New Zealand and Australia, Fulton Hogan is a trusted name in the quarry industry, known for producing top-quality products for their customers. It’s no surprise that their Cromwell-based Parkburn Quarry Plant has opted for N2P to assist in upgrading its Quarry automation and plant control.

The upgrade

The Parkburn Quarry in Cromwell has installed the innovative QC404, a cutting-edge automated Quarry Plant Control Monitoring Unit. This system grants quarry plants complete control over the production and output of their quality product, all at the push of a button.

For Parkburn Quarry Manager, Jack Ford, the installation of the QC404 has been a game- changer.

Streamlined Start-Up and Shutdown

“The introduction of the QC404 has not only streamlined our processes but also significantly simplified them,” Jack explains. “With our previous system, each component, including roughly 30 belts, five screen decks, and two crushers, required individual manual activation for start and stop. This was time-consuming and complex.”

Jack further highlights the efficiency brought about by the new system: “Using the software is straightforward—probably as simple as it gets. The initial benefit of the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) was immediately apparent. Now, with the QC404, initiating the ‘start process’ activates the entire plant in a sequential order through the PLC. Following this, we can begin the feed.”

“This advancement has markedly reduced our start-up times, amounting to what we’ve calculated to be the equivalent of an additional week’s worth of production annually.”

Smooth Operations

Managing a system with numerous moving parts, the QC404, along with the user-friendly cloud-based reporting tool CATIE®, offers immediate insights into the Parkburn plant’s operations and sends real-time alerts for any malfunctions. This functionality allows the team to promptly and effectively address any issues, thereby saving both time and resources.

“We can now easily monitor the plant,” Jack states. “We’re able to see which parts of the plant are operating smoothly and which are not. If there’s a fault anywhere, we can identify it much quicker.”

User-Friendly Design: Simplifying Training and Operations

A standout feature of the QC404 system is its user-friendly design, making it accessible for operators at all experience levels. “Its intuitiveness is crucial because it enables newcomers to swiftly learn how to run the plant without needing to memorise the complex sequence of operations,” Jack highlights.

Ease of Use and Training

Incorporating the specific functionalities of the QC404 software within the training context, Jack notes, “The system’s simplicity has dramatically improved the way we train our staff. It’s as straightforward as using any basic software, which means new operators can quickly get up to speed without having to memorise the complex sequence of operations for each belt, screen deck, and crusher.”

“The ability to ‘press start’ and have the plant and feed initiate in a pre-determined order not only makes training more efficient but also enhances our overall operational productivity,” he adds.

Ongoing Support

With N2P, continuous support is readily available, and Jack has been particularly impressed with the straightforward and committed service. “The entire process has been seamless,” he says. “Initially, being down in Cromwell, I was worried about not having someone local to help us when issues arose. But honestly, it’s been easy, and Niki and Peter from N2P are only ever a phone call away.” 

The Result

The introduction of the QC404, seamlessly integrating with existing crushers, screens, belt scales, and conveyors, has notably increased productivity. “Now, the entire system is controlled from a single computer. Starting the process initiates the entire plant in a sequential order, followed by the feed, marking a significant leap in time-saving and operational efficiency.”

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