Our Definition of Quality

All the Data, All the Time
If something turns up, and it’s not as designed, the costs for us and our customers can be very significant. We’ve worked very hard and are very proud of our growing reputation for delivering products and service to the highest standards in every industry and market we reach.

The reason for this is our unwavering focus on Quality. To us, this isn’t just a sales or marketing word, it’s a part of our 5 core values and something we live and breathe in every process. We are very proud of our rigorous internal QA protocols and after talking with a few customers recently, we thought it was a good idea to share this with everyone; so you understand why our reputation is what it is. Quality to us involves three main areas; products, staff and processes.

Every product we manufacture, whether it is complex or simple, must pass a testing regime before it ships. This typically involves designing and building a testing rig customised for each new product. Once built, each product is thoroughly tested using this test rig. Each test is recorded. Each product is given a unique serial number. Against each serial number we record the software version installed, date of testing, job number, who tested it, what the product is and version number. This is a very time-consuming process for every single product to go through, but we believe investing in quality ultimately pays bigger dividends. After all, our customers rely on us to ensure it is correct.

QA isn’t just about products though, we also invest in our team. Each team member is required to commit to regular training and upskilling to ensure their skills are some of the best in their field. Our induction process focuses on training and is designed to ensure staff reach high levels of competency before being left in charge of a production run. The training is recorded by the Manufacturing Manager and staff are limited to only work on products for which they have passed the competencies.  Above all else, we instill a sense of pride in our staff. They know they are designing and assembling some of the best products in the world and know we are relying on them to keep our quality standards high.

The third pillar of Quality at N2P Controls is in processes and equipment. We invest heavily in ensuring our factory is fitted out with the latest equipment and is producing cutting-edge products. This allows us a greater level of accuracy and efficiency; ensuring our costs are kept low so our prices remain competitive. Just compare our products and prices against our competitors and we know you will see the value in them.

Our commitment to Quality is just one of 5 Core Values. Over the coming issues, we will shine a light on some of the other core values so you, our customers, understand what drives us to be the best.