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The design and manufacture of OEM Controllers is one of N2P Control’s core activities. Due to the number of controllers manufactured every year, they are able to command excellent buy rates from their suppliers, and these savings are passed to their clients.

N2P Controls’ engineers have experience in designing and building electronic and/ or electrical controllers for a wide range
of industries. N2P Controls have supplied controllers for industrial, commercial and domestic applications. The applications include designs for load cell signal amplification, product blending control, alarm interfaces, pump control, advanced wastewater treatment controllers, wireless controllers for truck appendages, among many others.

N2P Controls also has its own testing laboratory where every unit built is tested and given a serial number before being despatched. This ensures the highest of quality control for our clients. Not only does N2P Controls have our clients engineering requirements at the top of their mind, but also is conscious of the importance of branding for our clients. N2P Controls will incorporate their clients’ brand/logo/look into the design or label of controller to best promote the client.

N2P Controls currently offers solutions throughout NZ, Australia, the Pacific Islands and Asia.


NZ is full of innovative companies developing new processes, machinery, services etc. A lot of the time these companies struggle to find a supportive partner to help them with their electrical controls and/or automation. Often clients aren’t aware of the different options available that can allow greater flexibility, control, ease of use and/or cost savings for their application. This can lead to a solution that does not meet its potential.

Dealing with some electrical and/or automation companies, you don’t get the wide breadth of practical experience that may be required to understand your application. This can lead to delays in development as suppliers come up to speed with the requirements, or communication/interpretation confusion over the scope of work required.

Some companies don’t have the budget to invest in paying suppliers to design a solution for them, and for complex projects this can be expensive. This may result in the client not finding the best solution for their application.


At N2P Controls their engineers have experience with a wide range of industries and have worked with a wide range of suppliers. Consequently N2P Controls can quickly comprehend the problem at hand, identify the scope of work, and find the most suitable path for developing a solution, and communicate this to the client.

With N2P Controls’ engineers’ experience they are just at ease communicating about the mechanical aspects of a problem as they are with the electrical. Consequently they can quickly identify the client’s requirements and communicate solutions.

N2P Controls takes a partnership approach to working with their clients. This typically involves working on design solutions with no upfront costs to the client.


Designs can be as simple as a few 240V relays and isolation switch, through to a touch screen interfaced panel that is controlling a complex batching process with remote monitoring. It can be high speed microprocessor based control or push button control.

An emerging field is the ease and relatively cost effectiveness of remote monitoring of machinery through cellular networks. This allows machinery to send an alarm signal or operational information to a 3rd party website, or to a mobile phone, or email. It also allows for two way communication. This method of monitoring is expected to grow significantly over the next 5-10 years and N2P Controls is one of the leaders in this field.

N2P Controls can accommodate production runs from 10 to 10,000 units. For clients who export, there is a risk of their controls program being hacked if a commonly branded controller is used. N2P Controls customised designs can ensure the program is locked, safe from hackers.


N2P Controls has the experience and expertise to design and build a customised controller for any application. No project is too big or too small, too complex or too simple. N2P Controls ensures they understand the client’s scope of work through a validation process that is signed off at key stages. They then deliver a cost competitive solution to meet their client’s requirements while ensuring the final look of the controller is professional and enhances the client’s brand.

N2P Controls involvement doesn’t stop once the product is shipped out. They offer a total after sales support service and are happy to field calls from installations to ensure the controller is installed and operating as designed. Each controller that goes out has a client approved, installation procedure. It is this desire to make it as easy as possible for their clients that make N2P Controls a first choice supplier.

N2PControls prides itself on its innovative and client focused approach to developing customised solutions for their clients. Let

N2P Controls help make your next project a success.

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