Knowing what’s going down the toilet – the IoT of your Number 1s and 2s.

You may have already heard us talk about the Internet of Things (IoT), but if not, this is where all your devices start working together via a Wi-Fi network to perform various tasks.

You’ve probably heard of Amazon’s Alexa being able to run your lights, heating, etc. via your voice or smartphone.

At N2P Controls, however, we’ve brought the IOT to Wastewater plants (as well as Asphalt plants and similar industrial applications). For example, we can now have controllers that will link to your home Wi-Fi network and send data to your service provider about your plant. Why would this matter? Imagine your service provider or operators at your plant being informed immediately of a situation that requires action (such as a fault) and before it turns into a major issue, resolve it. All the while, you are kept abreast of the activity remotely, and automatically, by the system itself. Your service provider can check pump run times, blower run times, how much power is being used, your alarm faults and adjust your settings remotely.

Impressive right? Since it’s using your existing home Wi-Fi to do all this, there’s no additional monitoring cost to you.

Rest assured, our controllers only look at your wastewater tank – not what goes down it and how often so don’t be afraid of the extra helping of curry!

Now which service provider wants to lead the pack and start offering this convenience to their customer and themselves?