N2P Controls – the Industry Standard for Pump Controls.

All the Data, All the Time
We’ve been building pump controls for more than 30 years and our range has developed to lead the industry because we listen to the feedback from our customers.

We don’t spend a lot of time or money advertising our Pump Controls, because most of our business comes from our customers spreading the word of our advanced products, competitive price and complete service. In fact, we’ve been surprised more than a few times when Engineers have specified our pump controls on their documentation – and it feels pretty good.

Our broad range starts with a very basic level controller and is completed by our UPC – our Ultimate Pump Controller, featuring dual pump control, pump timing options, run windows, up to 4 float control, analogue level sensor inputs, and way more – geez this thing almost could sing you a song*!

We also offer municipal based pump controllers that are completely customisable for your project’s specific requirements.

We can supply or custom build pump controls for ANY size operation regardless of the complexity. Our pump controllers are built locally and are backed by our no fuss complete service, supplying everything you need to handle the install. I guess our comprehensive product and service offering is why we supply most of the OEM pump station suppliers in New Zealand (and growing).

In fact, the Pump Controls side of N2P Controls is growing to the level where we will be investing in a separate website specifically for our pump controls customers. In 2020 when this website is launched, you’ll be able to explore our range in greater detail and even order directly off the website for a saving. Keep an eye on Sparking Change for more information about the impending launch!

*this is an incredibly expensive optional extra with no guarantee on tone, key or any real musicianship whatsoever.