All the Data, All the Time
Some of them include pump monitoring, tank level alarm, temperature alarms, remote start/stop of motors etc. It has two digital inputs, two digital outputs and a serial communication portal.

The module allows for automated SMS notifications for any application that can give a digital input such as pump failures, temperature warnings and the like. The SMS function is compatible across all New Zealand and Australian networks.

The N2P Controls’ telemetry module designed for a simple interface with a wide range of applications. Some of the more recent applications where our telemetry module has been used can be seen on MilkGuard for temperature control notifications in large scale dairy, our Universal Controller and many other farming and pumping applications.

The Telemetry Module has some inbuilt smarts as standard like being able to send to up to 3 different numbers in case of fault, repeating the fault text until acknowledged, being responsive to Statustexts from any phone, having in built security protection, being able to name inputs to help identify texted alarms, among just a few.

With such broad applications of this technology it is highly likely we are able to integrate this technology for your specific needs, potentially saving enormous amounts of profit that might have been lost to productivity delays, spoiled produce/products and other costly, preventable incidents.

Given we have control over every element of the manufacturing, installation and configuration process, you know that the module is backed by N2P Controls high quality standard.

Think you have an application for our telemetry module that will improve your processes? Why not contact us (linked) to arrange an appointment to discuss how our telemetry module works and whether or not it is appropriate for your needs? We look forward to working with you.