All the Data, All the Time
These two just weren’t playing nice and the result had the team out there sucking in dust all day. So who do you call when the dust just won’t settle? N2P Controls of course! We brought in our A Team, partnered with long-term Asphalt partner, Bitumen Equipment and went to work solving this problem for Fulton Hogan.

The outcome involved putting in a dust feed solution, and replacing their existing patchy controller with an integrated master controller. N2P Controls also future-proofed the solution by designing an overall plant control architecture that would allow for the addition of other parts of the plant within the same control framework as and when required.

Bitumen Equipment designed the dust feed solution which we integrated into our custom master controller. We were able to keep costs down by using the existing switchgear on site.

Our custom architecture includes a master PLC that communicates with remote cabinets throughout the plant. This is all managed via central HMI software located in the control room. The design allows for the addition of bitumen tank control, weigh out software and more at a later date.

The timeframe to complete this work was tight, to say the least. We brought in FH Electrical to perform the wiring of the solution and had FH Hamilton back doing what they do best, in record time.

Now that the dust has settled, FH Hamilton are back out making Asphalt for some of the busiest roads in NZ! Helping settle a dust problem might not be the typical situation that would have you thinking N2P Controls, but it just shows the versatility of our smarts and how we can leverage our partnerships to overcome even out-of-the-square problems. Are you (or someone you know) banging your head against the wall over a situation at your site? Why not give us a call.