N2P Controls Boosts NZ Tourism

All the Data, All the Time
Nelson’s beautiful lands receive the most sunshine on average, are home to the oldest craft brewery in the country and deliver some of the most impressive wines around.

As enticing and glorious as all these things are, they all fade into comparison now that we have installed an MC404 into Fulton Hogan Nelson. We are certain this will become one of the most notable features of the area drawing tourists from far and wide!

The Fulton Hogan Nelson Asphalt plant have just upgraded to N2P Controls’ MC404 hardware and software, replacing the very old and outdated, BC404. They are now enjoying the benefits of state-of-the-art software and hardware, giving much faster process response times, greater accuracy in field measurements, and the ability to integrate with N2P Controls other asphalt controls modules. What a sight!

As the MC404 is based on the very successful BC404 (a system that has served the asphalt industry very well for over 25 years), the operators found transitioning to the new software a breeze. N2P took care of all the heavy lifting and the upgrade was quick and pain-free.

The MC404 at Fulton Hogan Nelson is ready to connect to CATIE (Cloud Access Total Information Exchange), N2P Controls’ industry-leading, cloud based remote monitoring and recording software package. This impressive piece of kit tracks virtually every measurable metric and allows Fulton Hogan Nelson to make data driven decisions.

The MC404 also gives greater transparency over production at Fulton Hogan Nelson, with better reporting including energy usage. The combination of the MC404 and CATIE therefore gives operators and managers the tools to drive greater sustainability, efficiency and profitability from their plant.

Welcome to the 404 club Nelson. Great to have you on board! Right then, who’s next? Queenstown, you could use something decent to bring in the visitors.