All the Data, All the Time
To be fair, it is generally something we all like to stay on top of, and when the plant is running well, it seems we are staying on top of it.

But holes in our OH&S measures generally don’t reveal themselves until after something happens. By then it’s too late. More often than not, it comes down to human error too. Put aside the costs and reduction in productivity involved, there can be some serious risks to the people on your site if this stuff isn’t taken seriously.

We see a lot of opportunities to assist our customers H&S protocols with our smarts. By automating processes, especially the management of potential risks, taking the human error element completely out of the picture, often makes sense. We have been talking a lot recently about our new integrated range of Asphalt Plant Solutions. One particular module, the BT404 integrates seamlessly with the MC404 (feeders), AT404 (main plant) and WT404 (weighout) to create a highly sophisticated and largely automated operational solution.

We recently introduced the BT404 to a customer’s Asphalt plant, improving efficiency and productivity and, as a result, generating greater profits for the Plant. The BT404 also added the H&S benefit of completely removing the risk of tank overflows by adding safety interlock, process interlock and 2 stage alarming – all fully automated. Best of all, the BT404 allows remote access for viewing the plants key parameters and sending of text/email alarm notifications alerting plant staff of any issues it has prevented.

Additionally, the BT404 boasts event logging and process parameter recording to a central database improving overall Plant Management.

We think that’s pretty impressive for one control module. When you also add our other integrated modules we can help you create an industry leading operation. The entire set-up is also completely scalable – so whether it’s one tank or 100, the BT404 can make sure risk is reduced, productivity stays high and profits roll in. Is it time you spoke to us about your Plant Controls?