All the Data, All the Time
Typically, the Universal Controller would be applied to Low Pressure Sewer and Dual pump applications, however, there is a far broader opportunity presented by this unique device. The Low Pressure Sewer offering allows for both progressive cavity pumps and centrifugal pumps. The Dual pump application allows for Duty/Assist/Standby control with up to 4 discreet digital inputs for level control.

Some of the highlights of this device include the following:

  • The controller allows for an analogue input allowing the pump to control based on level or pressure and a flow meter input to allow for recording of flow through the pump chamber.
  • The controller comes with a flashing alarm light, buzzer with mute button and optional alarm panel.
  • The controller can also integrate with N2P Control’s telemetry module that allows either text messaging to nominated cell phones in fault conditions, or sending data to a cloud based server.
  • The controller records operational information including Voltage, Current, Run Time, the Analogue signal, Total Flow and Pump starts.
  • The alarms can include High Level, Pump Fault, Over Pressure, Low Level, Max Run Time, Low Voltage (Brown out), High Current, No Flow.
  • The controller can be used for both single and three phase applications.
  • The controller has a 4 line 16 character LCD screen and 4 push buttons on the front to allowing navigation through the menu structure and display of operational information.
  • Despite its universal application, the controller is very easy to set up and the default settings are suitable for most applications making the installation and setup a simple process.

Our foundation customer, Aquate, is already finding good market response with their Low Pressure pump chamber solution and have installed a number of systems. With our ability to put all this functionality on a small printed circuit board, we are able to produce a market-leading, cost effective pump controller with best-in-class functionality and ease of use. Why not contact Niki Johnstone on (09) 570 1919 to find out how this Universal Controller might be applicable to your setting; or how N2P Controls might be able to solve your operational challenges.