All the Data, All the Time
The Brazilian Manufacturer of the plant couldn’t offer a solution in a timely manner, but one name kept coming up, Peter Crane from N2P Controls.

Peter is well respected in the industry throughout NZ, Australia, Pacific Islands and parts of Asia. He has years of experience in working in this industry and is typically the ‘go to’ guy for any curly issues – and given this 100Tn/hr mobile plant was needed urgently for projects throughout Western Australia and Northern Territory, you could say this one was a little curly!

Peter immediately flew out to Perth and met with the team at AAA Asphalt and got to work solving their problem. He utilised his industry renown blending control system (the BC404), with a new PLC, and a PC installed with his software that controlled the plant electrics. This was designed to fit into the existing small control room utilising a custom made control panel and desk (refer photo). In short, he gave their plant a new brain!

Judgement Day dawned and Peter found himself on Groote Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria testing the plant on its first major project – resurfacing the island’s airport runway. Considering that since then, N2P Controls has been commissioned to upgrade two more of AAA Asphalts plants, as well as a plant in Sydney, we’d say the project is a huge success! Peter is now (as always) in high demand over the ditch, so his frequent flyer miles are going through the roof! Think you could benefit from a little of Peter’s knowledge and experience (or a lot?)? Why not get in touch to arrange a meeting with Peter, when he finally get’s off the plane