Introducing the N2P Controls Gold Standard Audit

All the Data, All the Time
Performing Plant audits is something that we have been doing for a long time as part of our regular engagement with customers.

More recently we have discovered these audits provide an enormous amount of value to Plant Operators, so we have decided to offer the audit as a service to all Asphalt Plants – whether you are a customer of N2P Controls or not. The N2P Controls Asphalt Plant Audit was the product of seeing too many customer’s plants fail in key areas, only to find the equipment is no longer supported. Had they known this in advance, it could have prevented expensive emergency upgrades and unnecessary plant downtime.

About The Audit
We have developed a framework and audit template that dives deep into your plant assessing all your control architecture and safety interlocks. The audit will highlight and rank the identified risk areas; providing operators and managers vital information that empowers them to develop a strategic upgrade and maintenance plan. The audit delivers a deep dive into the equipment your plant has, what safety interlocks are currently used, and what supporting information you have available.

Who Should Have The Audit?
We complete audits on any type of plant; from different manufacturers, to batch or continuous plants. Through these audits we’ve identified high risk items for our customers that could have led to significant disruption to their operation, but instead have allowed the plant managers to take control of these risks and let them sleep easier at night.

How Much Is it?
They are completely free and we have completed them all over Aust and NZ. So there’s really no excuse for not getting in touch with us and having one done. It’s just part of our commitment to being the leader in Asphalt Controls. Contact N2P Controls today to arrange a suitable time to conduct your FREE Gold Standard Audit – it could be the best move you make for your plant this year.