All the Data, All the Time
According to pressreader.com, Malaysia is one of South-East Asia’s fastest growing infrastructure zones with the export of local produce into China responsible for much of the investment.

So, it’s a pretty good time to be in Road Construction. Strangely enough, wherever in the world there is a need for asphalt, there’s a need for N2P Controls. Malaysia is no exception.

Our Sales Manager, Niki Johnstone, recently had the pleasure of visiting one of our best Malaysian distributors, One Stop in Kuala Lumpur, to look at what’s happening on the ground over there. One Stop and N2P Controls have a 20-year history supplying Asphalt Control equipment and advice to this local juggernaut that is responsible for the management and servicing of over 60 Asphalt Plants! One Stop are highly respected throughout Malaysia for their knowledge and for the supply of high quality products, not the least of which are our very own Kiwi built Controls. Niki was lucky enough to visit several of their plants throughout the West Coast and was amazed at the amount of road construction and building going on.

Many of the plants managed by One Stop feature our old BC404 Control’s. The locals love the reliability of the BC404 but are very excited by the release of the MC404. With its feature and productivity improvements that include real-time reporting of production information and remote QA functionality, the One Stop team are assured to be ahead of the competition locally in terms of production.

“I had a bloody good time over there,”says Niki, “the team at One Stop gave me a very warm welcome and it’s probably gonna take me a few months to work off the extra kilos I put on. The locals sure know how to put on a good spread! I especially found the 100km an hour traffic a bit ludicrous with heavily loaded moto’s (motorbikes) weaving in and out of near-death scenarios like it was nothing. These guys aren’t even wearing helmets! It’s a far cry from the stop-start we have here in Auckland, that’s for sure.”

If you’re in Asphalt and aren’t already familiar with our MC404 Control Systems, you might find it worthwhile to have a chat with Niki. Give us a call or email and let us know.