How much Asphalt is there in 155km of Aussie Roads?

All the Data, All the Time
In fact, there’s so much asphalt needed on a project this size, that Boral Asphalt decided to resurrect an old 250tph portable plant and put it on-site to reduce overall costs and time delays.

It’s true to say that our Pacific mates across the ditch don’t do things by halves; especially when it comes to making roads for that big red land. We were invited to participate in a road upgrade project won by one of our key partners in Australia – Boral Asphalt. This project is a little unique. Since it is such a long way from the project site to the nearest Boral Asphalt facility, the team, led by the legendary Lindsay O’Brien, decided it would be much simpler to make the mix on-site. Getting the portable plant on-site was a big job, but ensuring it ran efficiently and produced a high enough quality mix to meet the reporting and quality requirements meant Boral needed a high-end and highly adaptable control system.

That’s where we came in. Our 404 Family of Asphalt Controls is building a strong reputation for being the go-to solution for almost every application. We’ve designed them to integrate with existing controls and work seamlessly together to deliver the best available control system in the game. Even though our modules were set up on a portable plant, they are still able to communicate with our Cloud Solution (CATIE) to back up data and allow remote access to performance metrics for the team on the ground. It’s pretty special to see our products being used in such an innovative way and with such excellent results.

Bottom line, we delivered a solution that allows Boral to increase production efficiencies and increase profit from this project.

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