All the Data, All the Time
Higgins relies on transparency of data and reporting to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible to meet the deadlines and compliance of these massive projects.

N2P were recently asked to upgrade the Higgins Wellington operation’s controls to our new MC404 Control System. The upgrade has meant greater transparency over their production with better reporting. The MC404 will allow them to monitor energy usage, thereby measuring sustainability of the overall plant. This means changes in plant operation can be easily measured to determine the actual reductions in energy use and waste. When you are at the scale of Higgins, this can be incredibly impactful across operations, sustainability and profitability. Nothing like making decisions based on hard evidence! The upgrade had immediate impact on the operation and will continue to provide valuable insight into their onperations processes.

While the upgrade took place, Higgins installed a pug mill at the plant. N2P were on-hand to ensure the pug mill controls were seamlessly integrated into the original N2P Controls system that runs the plant.

The pug integration means the mill is now a seamless part of the overall operation and is producing optimal mixes for the plant. Asphalt stalwart Fred Yule lead this project for Higgins and his experience with the mechanical design complimented our 30+ years experience in asphalt controls. This A Team have ensured Higgins is running a state-of-the-art mill that will ensure the success of the Transmission Gully project and many others for years to come.