Helping a Veteran in Australian Wastewater Learn New Tricks

All the Data, All the Time
Bramston Beach is a small town with a great little community and a perfect Aussie beach.

The local council was having some issues with a wastewater treatment plant and looked for someone who could help. Enter wastewater veteran and all-round legend, Wayne Gill. Wayne’s got an enormous reputation in the industry and is the go-to guy for the unusual. He’s been there and seen it all, sometimes twice.

Wayne redesigned the entire wastewater plant utilising most of their existing infrastructure with some new components to solve their issues. The challenge was how to make the old and the new work together. Wayne needed a controls solution that he knew would be dependable, cost effective and would future-proof the plant. We were humbled when he reached out to us. It’s a testament to our commitment to being the best in class, that a veteran like Wayne thought of us first. We worked with Wayne to determine the best outcome for the revisioned plant.

We ended up supplying a bespoke system with two separate control systems, one for the pump station and one for the treatment plant. The pump station controller operates two pumps in duty/standby, controlled by 4 different floats. It also monitors pump operational data, sends operational information via SMS and email, and has remote connection functionality.

The wastewater controller operates an activated sludge treatment process. This includes a number of blowers, pumps, valves and process instrumentation. Similarly, to the pump station it sends operational information via SMS and email, and has remote connection functionality.

The overall solution provides a highly efficient and largely self-regulating wastewater plant. Wayne is able to access critical data from his mobile phone (wherever he might be) or he can solve problems remotely by directly dialing into the plant. Since he chose to partner with N2P Controls, he can also just give us a call, and we will sort it for him.

Got a wastewater plant that needs updating? Want to talk to one of our experts to see if we can improve efficiencies at your plant? Know someone who might benefit from talking to us? We would be incredibly grateful for the opportunity to talk to you or if you were to forward this email onto a friend. Thanks for your support!