All the Data, All the Time
But, it wasn’t a problem that had been around for a long time, it was that their control system was unreliable, because it was old.

The rest of the mechanics of their Asphalt Plant were still in good nick, but the controls were letting them down. They sought out Ben Hanrahan from Fulton Hogan Electrical to see if he could make hide of it. Given our previous success with Ben in much larger scale operations, he carefully analysed the situation in Gisborne, and got on the blower to us. I think the conversation went something along the lines of “Yeah mate, they need the dream team back together again.”

This phone call proved to be a pretty exciting milestone for N2P Controls, as it gave us the opportunity to install our first MC404 – as an upgrade to their tired BC404. Ben and his team ran some cable and from there, the entire upgrade was done in a day. After a simple recalibration of their feeders they were up and mixing again. The whole process gave us enormous confidence in our MC404 and validated the huge investment we have put into it over the last 18 months.

FH Gisborne are well impressed by the improved features of the MC404, especially the next generation reporting and the simple calibration process; all while still boasting the hidden smarts of knowing how much of what, and at what time to add, to ensure you get great mix.

Are you running a BC404? Is it time to get us in to check that it is still functioning optimally? You’re Asphalt Plant might also benefit in both efficiencies and profitability from an upgrade to our second generation MC404. Why not give us a call to find out.