Asphalt Plant Control Systems Audit

What can an N2P plant audit do for your business?

Different systems and equipment have varying levels of performance. All kinds of factors affect this, from age and maintenance history to compatibility and calibration.

As experts in asphalt plants, we know what to look for and how to spot the gaps in new and legacy plants.

An N2P plant control systems audit gives you a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of your plant and a customised report on your options to improve function and efficiency.  

We look at what is going in, what is coming out, and all the energy use and inputs along the way. An N2P plant audit gives you the full picture of where you are and where you could be.  Better yet, this service is free for new customers.

Many plants run continuously, and it can be difficult to find time to consider ways to improve efficiency and cut costs. We can assess your plant while it is in operation, and a full plant audit can usually be completed in one day.

Get in touch with N2P to discuss your free plant control systems audit.

Feedback from our customers…

“After talking to N2P and completing their audit, we felt really confident that they would provide good, ongoing support.

Their proposal wasn’t overly complex compared to other offers – it was a simple but effective solution, which is exactly what we needed! Their communication was great throughout. They even visited the site several times and talked with the onsite guys, which gave us the confidence that N2P would install a system that our team would be able to operate and understand.”

—Barry Smith, Boral Asphalt, New South Wales

“After completing our plant audit, the communication from N2P has been great.

We thought it could be challenging working with people outside of the country, but N2P has been really responsive and quick at getting information back to us – they were very proactive.

Their Cloud solution CATIE will save us time by identifying and securing all the data we need. This will allow us to make better decisions around our plant operations. With CATIE, we can analyse data quickly and make tweaks to improve plant efficiency. I would recommend the N2P plant audit for anyone who is looking to update their plant systems. There’s a lot of new software now available which can really help to improve your output!”

—Anthony Serpo, Downer, Western Australia.


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