All the Data, All the Time
…would it be more profitable if you knew accurately some of the following?
  • How much waste was made per mix?
  • How much energy was used per mix?
  • What is the overall cost per tonne produced?
  • How does our plant compare to others?
  • How does the plant perform under different operators?

Our industry-leading control systems can provide this data and more; plus we can slice and dice the data any way you want to give you the insights you specifically need. Having this kind of awareness of the operation of your largest asset, could mean tens of thousands in additional profit. Making operational changes and decisions based on the cold hard facts of data not only reduces the risk of making the decision, but gives you immediate and measurable feedback on the impact the decision has had; taking away the guesswork, and increasing profit for the business – everyone’s a winner baby.

Backed by our N2P Guarantee, our fully integrated Asphalt Plant controls deliver a sustainable and more profitable operation. Our industry leading systems reduce human processes, reduce risk and reduce downtime while using data to streamline operations creating a more profitable plant.

Call our team and we will put together a Profitability Statement for your plant today.