All the Data, All the Time
Recently, innovative plumbing/gas fitting company Aquaholics ( were asked to assist on a large-scale cold storage installation.

They wanted a smart solution to manage the scenario of a glycol leak into the condensation discharge water at the facility. They’d heard about our smart solutions from our network and asked if we could help.

Our task was to ensure that in the event of a glycol leak, an alarm should sound and the wastewater should be diverted into a secure storage tank. Calling on a few experts we knew, someone came up with the genius idea of adding dye to the glycol and then monitoring the condensation discharge for any changes in turbidity. So we went to work.

Our complete solution included a controller, MCC, turbidity sensor and meter. The solution included a small but powerful PLC with a LCD display showing the alarm status, control over the alarm level and the ability to manually activate the valves for testing.

Aquaholics were so impressed with our solution, they immediately ordered another package. Everyone in the project agreed that we really knocked this one out of the park. If you have any control related issues that you could use some help with, please let us know, we’d be only too happy to help. How do you like them apples!