All the Data, All the Time
Methanex in Taranaki are New Zealand’s only producer of Methanol. Methanol is used in a wide variety of products and plays a major role in construction and infrastructure.

It is also a clean fuel alternative that is gaining popularity; essentially, its alcohol! Methanex can manufacture up to 2.5 million tonnes of Methanol annually, 95% of which is exported. It’s fair to say that they’re a large operation.

Recently, Methanex engaged Hynds Environmental to assist with their wastewater treatment. Given the volatility of their product, the engineering standards for treatment of wastewater is very strict. So Hynds in turn brought us in, as they knew they needed the best in the business to ensure their solution was up to scratch. We developed a custom module using a PLC based system coupled with an HMI interface. The HMI interface allows their engineers to dial in precise key parameters to ensure the plant maintains the highest treatment standards at all times. To keep the whole system running smoothly and to ensure it was user-friendly, we integrated the module with their existing control system via a Modbus link creating a seamless end-to-end control package. It also boasts manual over-rides, the ability for remote connectivity using smartphones and text notification of alarms.

Methanex were suitably impressed with the outcome and have enormous confidence in their controls ability to maintain operational standards. If you think our smarts might be able to work for you, give Niki a call. Cheers!