All the Data, All the Time
They contracted Tim Bloy of WaterPro to help design a WTP to meet NZ’s Drinking water standards.

WaterPro approached N2P Controls to supply the Electrical Smarts and Automation for this project. WaterPro liked the package solution N2P controls offered, from design and build of the MCC (Motor Control Centre), Automation of the plant, remote monitoring and alarming of the plant, and installation.

N2P Controls was able to offer the design and build service for a 250A MCC that included 2x30kW ABB VSDs, a PLC with a 10.4” HMI showing plant operation and allowing setting of key operational parameters, and a cloud base monitoring service. The cloud base monitoring service allows the storage of years of data, the ability to export this information as a csv file, and includes alarm notification via text and email.

The MCC and PLC included an allowance for possible future expansion with a possible second UV unit. N2P Controls are currently in discussions with WaterPro to supplying another package automation solution for Stage 2 of the development.

The key to the success of this project from Waterloo/WaterPro’s perspective is N2P Control’s ability to design, manufacture and install the entire plant’s control and monitoring system without their need to be involved. The complete package solution means they are able to concentrate on other elements of the subdivision project while knowing the plant will deliver state-of-the-art technology. This turn-key solution will reduce margins of error and improve their operational cost/budget by reducing the number of contractors required to complete the project; once again, highlighting N2P’s ability to deliver exceptional quality and reduce costs.