CATIE: Real Time, Cloud Based Plant Systems Monitoring

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Catch Quality and Maintenance Issues Before They Cost You!

We’ll be honest, N2P can’t see into the future, but we can do the next best thing thanks to CATIE, our proprietary plant monitoring software.

CATIE provides real-time digital data, even for plants built 10 or 15 years ago. CATIE (Cloud Access Total Information Exchange) delivers cloud-based monitoring and reporting. All your plant information is sent to CATIE and relayed via an easy-to-read display so managers can make data driven decisions to maintain and improve plant efficiencies. Better yet, all this data can be used to predict quality or maintenance issues so you can do preventative quality control.

What does that mean?

Would you like warning that your product quality is likely to be out-of-spec before it is taken from the plant?

Want to know a motor is about to fail so you can replace it before it disrupts production? These early warnings can save thousands in costly rework and lost productivity. A new feature being introduced to CATIE will do this.

CATIE can crunch millions of data points coming from your plant — and that is better than seeing into the future.

The benefits include:

Increased asset reliability

Shortened maintenance times

Improved uptime percentage

Boost to safety and quality

Early detection of minor disturbances

Reduced maintenance costs

Verification of developing fault from more than one data source

Automated diagnostics reduces burden on maintenance staff

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