All the Data, All the Time
As technology advances, our ability to do more with the time we have also advances. We are more informed, more capable and more effective. The result?

The goal-posts keep shifting. What was once considered superhuman, is now the norm. As you and your competitors adapt and implement new technology, what is considered standard shifts. If you don’t embrace the change, you run the risk of your competitors gaining a competitive advantage, of being able to do more for customers, of being able to make more informed decisions that drive greater results. The Asphalt Industry is no exception.


CATIE (Cloud Access Total Information Exchange) is changing the way Asphalt Plants are run. A highly advanced and largely automated data tracking tool that gives Plant Managers insight into the operations of the plant like never before. Leveraging the power of our Asphalt Control Modules, CATIE is constantly monitoring your plant and capturing data.

She is able to track an enormous range of metrics that provide data for Plant Operators to make decisions that can have big impacts on efficiency, safety and ultimately profitability. Being Cloud-based, CATIE can provide this information to you, wherever you are, whenever you need it. CATIE represents a major paradigm shift for the Asphalt Industry.

Watch the video below to learn more about CATIE or contact one of our team to get a one-on-one demonstration of how CATIE will change the way you operate your plant. The future is here. Meet CATIE.