CATIE® just got even better: Data Reporting Tool for Asphalt Plants

Asphalt plants are a critical component in the construction industry, but to ensure that they are productive, efficient, and profitable, you need to know what’s happening in real-time. That’s where N2P’s CATIE® comes in.

CATIE® is a cloud-based data reporting tool that connects all of your data from your asphalt controls and delivers it to you in real-time on a customisable graphs or tables. 

CATIE® stands for “Cloud Access Total Information Exchange.” As its name suggests, CATIE® stores your entire plant’s recorded data in the cloud, allowing you to share it with authorised personnel in real time.

With CATIE®, you can see what’s happening and measure the impact of any changes you make to the mix or controls. This not only saves you money on power, but also helps you prevent or reduce waste.

Our new reporting dashboard makes everything clearer

In 2023, N2P has taken CATIE® to the next level. We have created a custom dashboard with widgets that make it easier than ever to see all the key metrics that matter to you in one place. 

Our pre-set widgets cover a range of common reporting requirements for asphalt plants, including:

  • Energy use per tons made showing an overall summary and per mix summary
  • Plant utilisation including availability and breakdown summary
  • Production summary showing how much of each mix was made, waste produced, and production rates
  • average production rate per mix

Need something else measured? If we can connect to it, we can report on it!

If there’s something else you need to measure in the plant if we can connect to it – we can report on it. Our hardware can connect to anything, so you can add new sensors to measure parameters not covered by our control systems. E.g., environmental monitoring of stack emissions etc. 

And if you don’t have our control system installed at your plant, we can still help by connecting field sensors directly to our CATIE® field controller that will connect directly to CATIE®. 

For example, if you wanted to measure the plants energy use, we could install a power meter or gas flow meter and connect this to CATIE®’s field controller without having to upgrade your entire control system.

Your annual reports just got a lot better with CATIE®

Another key feature of CATIE® is its ability to provide detailed, custom reports straight to your inbox, that can be used to track production trends over time. This information can be used to identify areas of inefficiency and make data-driven decisions to improve production processes. 

Use these reports to justify upgrades or show what improvements have been made in the plant’s efficiency. Your management team will love the transparency and insights you can provide on what you are doing to be more profitable and efficient.

In conclusion, CATIE® is the solution you need to keep your asphalt plant running smoothly and efficiently. With real-time data, custom reporting capabilities, and the ability to measure anything you need, you’ll have everything you need to make informed decisions and maximise your profits.

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