CATIE Gets Smarter, Your Profits Get Bigger = WINNING!

Spoiler alert! We are working on a brand-new feature for CATIE that will make it seem like you can see into the future. Yep, pretty awesome right?
Before we get into that, we understand many of you probably have no idea what this CATIE thing is; so here’s a snapshot.

CATIE, or Cloud Access Total Information Exchange, is our Cloud-based Big Data engine that uploads, analyses and reports on everything that’s going on in your Asphalt Plant; helping you make data-based performance and optimisation decisions. It’s a real gamechanger for boosting plant productivity and ultimately profitability. You can find out more about CATIE here.

But the game is about to change again. For the lucky operators that have already installed our Asphalt Controllers and are falling madly in love with CATIE, this is going to be significant. For those yet to discover our cutting-edge technology in the Asphalt space, prepare to have your mind blown. We are currently working on some pretty advanced features within CATIE that will enable her to analyse your operational data and provide you warnings for things that may affect your operation BEFORE they happen. Some examples of how this might work include:

CATIE will be able to monitor if a rotary valve in a lime hopper is rotating faster than its long-term average for a set mix and plant rate, CATIE then informs the plant manager of this irregularity. They can then investigate before there are quality issues with the asphalt mix. CATIE could also send a warning if she detects a bitumen pump motor is about to fail; based on the careful analysis of a broad range of data. This would enable plant operators to include a service on the motor BEFORE it fails, reducing plant downtime and improving equipment operational longevity. There’ll be a whole lot more than this in the rollout, and we will tell you more about this advanced new functionality of CATIE as it evolves, so keep an eye out on Sparking Change for updates.