Check out this crazy YouTube video for Dronesurfing. We think this looks like a whole lot of fun. Maybe we’ll see this down on Mission Bay this Summer!  

Line of The Winter

For those that need a little inspiration to get up the mount this season, take a look at this!  

Red Bull Downhill run

Talk about a hit of Adrenaline! Check out this insane footage from the GoPro of one of Red Bull's finest Downhill Mountain Bikers. Awesome.

Technology isn’t always just about work!

  It’s also important to remember that whilst we mostly think about tech in terms of creating profitability and efficiencies, we also appreciate having a good laugh with it too! We salute LG on this innovative way of introducing new technology. With over 18.5 million views, it would appear that the video has done its job of promoting their Ultra Reality Technology. It also has us thinking about innovative ways to introduce our new controllers to the market….better watch out!

N2P Controls Telemetry Module

The N2P Controls telemetry module is designed to be a versatile telemetry unit that can be used in many applications, e.g. pump monitoring, tank level alarm, temperature alarms, remote start/stop of motors etc. It has two digital inputs, two digital outputs and a serial communication portal. The module allows for automated SMS notifications for any application that can give a digital input such as pump failures, temperature warnings and the like. The SMS function is compatible across all New Zealand and Australian networks. The N2P Controls’ telemetry module designed for a simple interface with a wide range of applications. Some ... Read More

Islington industrial park welcomes first tenant

It has taken over a decade, but a major new industrial park at Islington, on the outskirts of Christchurch, finally has its first occupant. The $400 million Waterloo Business Park is being built by out-of-town developers Islington Park Ltd on the 114-hectare old Islington Freezing Works site. The project dates from an original plan by South Canterbury Finance. Smoked-chicken producer Santa Rosa Foods is the park's first tenant, moving into a new $5m factory from its old plant in nearby Burnham. Read about N2P Controls involvement in Waterloo here. Read the full story here.

Staff Profile – Peter Taylor

“Go on, test me … we can do anything!” A cheeky taunt from one of the key shareholders at N2P Controls. A trained Electronic Engineer with a seemingly inexhaustible, encyclopedic brain possessing answers on anything from the intricacies of an internal combustion engine, to the electronics of a load cell, to the art of making asphalt; Peter Taylor adds an enormous value and unique skillset to the N2P Controls offering. Spanning back nearly 2 decades, Peter started with N2P’s preceeding company, Blending Systems Ltd, where he developed an ability to think through the entire project, the complete manufacturing process and ... Read More