N2P Controls now offer Leasing Options!

Upgrading your plant’s controls to our industry leading solutions will no doubt improve production, increase uptime, create efficiencies and allow you to make decisions based on data. All this leads to greater profitability. The only problem is, the CAPEX requirement can often mean “Let’s look at this next year” and the upgrade is put off. Not anymore. With a little help from our friends at Beyond Financials, we are now able to offer some of our Asphalt Controls products on a lease or subscription basis. This means limited CAPEX up-front and the benefits of our upgrades sooner rather than later. ... Read More

Romancing The Wind

Something a little different, to celebrate the crazy weather we’ve had in Auckland lately.

One of Those Days

Trust me. It’s worth watching the intro to get to the insane skiing that follows…

Dr Frankenstein’s Asphalt Plant LIVES! Thanks to N2P Controls…

Fulton Hogan Victoria recently stitched together something of a “Franken-Plant” when they put the machinery from several older plants in to make one ‘new’ plant. Whilst it no doubt made economic sense to up-cycle the old to make the new, it did create a bit of a controls nightmare, trying to seamlessly integrate mismatched parts. Our long history working with FH both here and across the ditch, coupled with our long-term partnership with Asphalt Plant guru’s Bitumen Equipment, meant we were asked to put in a proposal outlining how we would tame this Franken-Plant. The A Team put its combined ... Read More

Automation is about Understanding Plant Operation, not Machinery.

In business, there’s two ways to make money. One, sell more. Two, reduce the cost of sales. That’s it, the bottom line. Automation is one of the best ways we’ve seen to reduce the cost of sales. We often get asked “Can you automate [insert brand/make/model of machine]?” Whilst this seems like the logical place to start, when it comes to automation, the type, brand or model of machine makes no difference. That’s the wrong question to be asking. The right question is “Do we understand how the plant operates?” By understanding how the plant operates, we can uncover the opportunities ... Read More